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We offer a service where we can produce precise individual negative shapes using different types of foam, from a given body mould.

With a photo-metric system that we have modified to orthopaedic needs, you can digitize on site, a vacuum bag or a plaster mould. This digital information is putt through our CAD system where different functions like surface rectifications, morphing, trimming, sizing, mirroring, etc… are available to define the desired shape that we send to our milling machine. This technique allows us to produce one-piece seats and mattresses to full body size.

This tool permits us to produce a precise shape that fits your patient right from the start, which will save you production and fitting time. In addition to this technique, we have developed a complete modular programme to contain the foam seats. This programme includes components like head rests, foot rests, a quick-release abduction block and wheelchairs. A good fit will not only provide your patient with better stability and comfort, but will also contribute to a better quality of life, and their social integration. Also, it will also promote a good professional standard.



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