We can provide you with the digitizing tool and training, so that you are able to send us your digital shapes though our viewer, or if you do not want make this investment you can send us your plaster moulds that can be digitized on our premises.

Now we can produce precisely shaped seats and mattresses, and because of our long experience in this field, it is worthwhile investing in training to assure even better results.
We can help you out with the physics of surface definition and weight distribution, the biomechanics of seating and the positioning approaches to suit the different pathologies and also with the practice of vacuum bag-moulding techniques.

Also, we are a qualified Bodypoint ® reseller and we can provide you with training in how to use the positioning belts and wich belts are most usefull for different patients.

If you are interested in receiving training from us, please do not hesitate to contact us.