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General Information
Bodypoint® designs and manufactures the highest quality postural support products and wheelchair seating accessories. We express our belief in human potential through the products we make, the way we make them, and the service we provide.

Upper Body Positioning
Trunk support is essential for good respiration, head positioning, and functional reach with stability.

Stayflex™ Trunk Support
The patented design of the Bodypoint® Stayflex includes a stabilizing lower panel to limit stretching and riding up. The proprietary elastic pad material allows a comfortable, controlled amount of stretch. Plus, the lower quick-release swivel buckles self-adjust to the line of tension for proper fit and placement.

Monoflex anterior trunk Support
The perfect dynamic abdominal or chest belt. Comfortable, high-strength elastic pad provides just the right amount of stretch while maintaining substantial control. Side-release buckles allow adjustment and release on both sides for convenience. Versatile mounting hardware fits any type of solid or sling backrest.

Pelvic Positioning
The pelvis is the key to postural alignment as it dictates the position of the trunk, head and extremities.

Push-Button Buckle
The new Bodypoint® Push-Button Buckle is sleek and low profile. Engineered for comfort and performance, this new design offers a range of features that therapists and users have requested for years. The patented construction allows for removal of the buckle cover for easy cleaning, or to change the desired button hole size–in effect providing three buckle options in a single design.

Light Weight • Durable • Low Profile • Easy to Clean • Assisted Spring Release

If you request more information, please visit the BodyPoint® Website or contact us if you want to receive a pricelist, catalog and some documentation concerning Bodypoint® products.


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